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Looking for a WordPress Management Solution? Ask These Questions First!

10 things to expect from your WordPress Management Care Package

There are many benefits to using WordPress Management Care Packages, such as the development of trust and increased revenue. While some customers may not want to purchase the service, others might appreciate the extra security and support it provides. Whatever the reason, it’s worth considering for any website owner. Here are 10 things you can expect from a WordPress Management Package. Here are a few:


The use of a WordPress website requires regular updates. Older versions can be hacked and could even go offline. Not only are updates essential to ensure security and compatibility, they ensure that your website operates effectively. Many business owners don’t wish to worry about updating their websites because they are too busy running their businesses. However, by hiring a WordPress management service, you can rest secure knowing that all needed updates will be done for you.

A WordPress care package ensures that your website is safe, updated regularly and secure with the latest WordPress releases, themes and plugin updates. It also includes SEO checks every quarter and a regular Google Analytics reporting, and two hours of support for design each month. It’s an excellent way to establish trust and increase your revenue. However, not all clients will be willing to pay for an WordPress support package. Be sure to explain to them precisely what the package offers and what it can do for them.

Security scanning

You might be wondering whether security scanning should be a part of your maintenance plan if you are a new owner of WordPress. The answer is “yes!” Cyber security is a top concern for all websites, no matter if it’s a small business or a giant corporation. A successful cyber attack can cause a catastrophic impact on your business’ reputation and growth. The security landscape is constantly evolving and new technologies are being utilized to attack websites. Even the site is secured an attack that is successful could go unnoticed, damaging your reputation and causing your website to stop functioning.

Premium plugins can help protect your website from hackers. This plugin adds extra security to your website by analyzing known malware and blacklisting status. Premium plans come with features such as security headers and preload lists. You can also secure user logins and activate HTTP strict transport encryption. The premium version of the plugin includes advanced security features, and it can search all pages of your website.

Security scans can be run manually or automatically using an automated tool. Bluehost recommends scanning your site every month. As your website expands in popularity and content increases, the frequency of scanning will increase. For instance, if you website is subject to WordPress updates, it is recommended to run a security scan every week or to ensure that your website is safe. Security scanning is an essential element of the WordPress Management Care Package, and you shouldn’t miss it.

Anti-Malware Security can protect your website against spam, malware or other online threats. These tools will be able to monitor your website’s login page, as well as Google crawl activity and identify any malware or compromised plugins. They can also allow you to change your login URL and protect your website from hackers. Security scanning is an essential element of the WordPress Management Care Package. Make sure you remember it!

Uptime monitoring

A WordPress management tool that monitors uptime is vital. This feature informs you when a server is down or has problems. You can also see the live graph of your uptime on your dashboard. This service is a great way to determine how often your site has been down or if it’s having issues. It is priced at a low monthly fee. You can also opt to purchase a paid subscription which gives you unlimited access to your sites.

Once you’ve set up an uptime monitoring system, you can set up an alert channel. Once you’ve established a notification channel, you’ll need to set it up. There are a variety of types of alerts that you can choose from. You can set up an alert for just one instance or for the entire server. The notification channels are grouped alphabetically by the type. To make a notification channel for a specific instance, enter the IP address of the server you’re following. Next, you must enter the channel name that you’d like to receive alerts.

A paid uptime monitoring service is crucial to the performance of your website. Visitors could quit your site in the event of a downtime. If your website is not running smoothly, you could be losing new business, damaging your reputation, and even being removed from the search engine results. You can receive SMS alerts for downtime with an uptime monitor that is premium. This way, you’ll be notified immediately, which is a great feature for your WordPress site.

Your WordPress maintenance package should include 24/7 uptime monitoring. The website is not functional without it. In the event of a downtime, sales are lost and credibility. WordPress care packages include ongoing support, weekly backups, as well as updates to themes and the core theme. The support team responds quickly to any problems or questions that might arise. Additionally, you can benefit from monthly reports to keep an eye on your website. So, why should you wait longer? Get the most effective maintenance package for your WordPress website today!

Services for auditing

You can choose to use an auditing service as part of your WordPress Management Care Package if you would like to monitor and maintain the quality of your site. This service is typically included in your monthly billing and will include a thorough report with observations from an expert developer. This service will make sure that your website is running the latest PHP version. It also examines the code of your theme. The results of the audit are available to you and could be utilized in other areas, too.

A WordPress care package should contain basic support as well as small troubleshooting tasks. You should be provided with a certain amount of time to complete these tasks. The package should include basic support and auditing. Once you have a WordPress Management Care Package in place, you’ll no longer have to manage updates and security yourself. The WordPress Management Care Package includes expert technical assistance and backups that keep your website up-to-date.

WP Maintainer offers a monthly plan that costs $349, or $299 for an annually subscription. However, the premium plan also comes with extra benefits such as SEO tools including speed optimization tools as well as security audit services. The premium subscription comes with a variety of benefits that can be tailored to meet your needs. The premium subscription option includes additional security services, SEO audits, and social media audits. You can also select pay-as-you-go plan, which provides more flexibility.


A daily backup is a crucial feature of your WordPress Management Package if you run a small business. If you make any changes to your website, you can always restore it from a backup. The backup process is automated and stored on Amazon S3 cloud servers. If something goes wrong you can restore your website in a matter of seconds, and you won’t be concerned about losing any information or files. If needed, you may also call experts to assist with troubleshooting.